Here Are the Steps For Getting Dentures Fitted


For replacing missing teeth, dentures are by far the most popular and well-known technology. This is because dentists` have been successfully replacing teeth with this method for centuries. Today there are traditionally three types of dentures that all dentists work with. These are the full, the partial denture, and the immediate denture. Today’s dentures are nothing like what they used to be in the past. They are made to your specifications, look and feel like real teeth, and are no longer at risk for falling out. In order to accomplish this, your dentures will need to be custom fitted and fabricated, in a process that typically takes most people four to five visits to complete. Naturally there are exceptions since the dentures are dependent on your mouth, and sometimes there are additional steps that need to be taken. For most people, however, here is how the visits will go:

Denture visit number one could be called the examination and preparation visit. During this visit, we will be taking a lot of measurements, examining your mouth thoroughly, taking x-rays to check on the underlying bone, and ensure that your mouth and tissue are healthy enough to get dentures. Occasionally we will make recommendations, like removing the flabby tissue around the gums that may cause the dentures to be less stable.  Another example would be when we recommend that a patient consider reshaping the underlying bone so that they get an optimum fit on their dentures. We will also be taking a plaster impression of the gums, preferably without teeth, so that the laboratory has a perfect match of your gums on which to fabricate the dentures. Finally, we will go over the options that you have with regard to the size, shape, and shading of the teeth in the denture itself.
Denture visit number two is the center jaw relationship (CJR) or the maximum mandibular retrusion (MMR) visit. Basically, this visit focuses on making sure that your teeth are the correct length, that your teeth are on the right plane, and that there is the correct alignment of the upper and lower jaws. Having your jaws in alignment is critically important to the ability to speak and chew without clicking, so we will be using a loose-fitting denture base and wax rim, taking the place of teeth, to determine what length your teeth need to be. Adjustments will be made so that your jaws are properly aligned when you bite together.

Denture visit number three is the “wax try-in” visit when you will get to try on the actual plastic or porcelain teeth. The teeth will be in a loose fitting base that fits over the gums and will be embedded in wax instead of the final plastic. This enables us to see what the dentures will look like once it is completed and make adjustments to the fit as required. We can then let the lab know what adjustments are needed to create the final denture.

Denture visit number four is when you leave with a completely new set of dentures after we make a few minor adjustments to the plastic.

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