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As an Invisalign® dentist, we understand that Invisalign® offers a degree of flexibility and comfort that traditional braces cannot. It is this flexibility that has prompted many working adults to decide to get their misaligned teeth fixed. When we speak of flexibility, it is not that the aligners aren’t working all day – they are. Rather it is the ability to eat whatever food you want and have the peace of mind that you can take off the aligners whenever you need for brief periods of time.
Additionally there are not as many follow ups, and there is no need to adjust or turn the aligners at home. All of these factors, combined with the fact that Invisalign® is completely invisible is making it a best-selling solution for people everywhere. Being able to fix your teeth without advertising it, by way of a mouth full of metal, is extremely important to many adults and also too many teenagers. As such, we offer this solution for our patients.
As an Invisalign® dentist, we recommend Invisalign® Teen as a product that has been specifically designed for the teenage audience yet works exactly the same way as the adult product and, ironically, on exactly the same principles as those old-school metal braces. When teeth are out of alignment braces or, in this case, aligners, are required to put counter pressure on the teeth. This pressure moves teeth from the position they are in, into a more suitable location. Braces accomplish this using a system of metal posts and rubber bands where Invisalign® uses a series of removable retainers to accomplish exactly the same goal.
When you stop and consider that teenagers face many of the same challenges as adults, it becomes obvious that clear aligners are often a better solution for them as well. Let’s start with convenience – teenagers have a lot on their plate as it is. With school, some of them working jobs, a packed social schedule, and extracurricular activities – the last thing they need is a device that requires frequent attention, and takes time out of their schedule for dentists visits. Additionally teenagers often eat on the go, and are notorious for liking to eat certain foods that aren’t always healthy. Since the aligners are supposed to come out while eating, this provides a level of flexibility that makes it easier for a teen to straighten their teeth.  Those that play sports will also find the aligners to be an easier option since they can remove them and wear a mouth guard instead, versus traditional braces that may be difficult to wear with one. As a bonus, Invisalign®’s aligners are completely invisible which means your teenager will never feel uncomfortable over how they look.
Not all dentists are an Invisalign® dentist, and we recommend that if you are considering straightening your teeth in this way that you see an expert.  The procedure is incredibly effective, but it is important to clearly lay out the goals that you have from the beginning, set clear expectations and understand how exactly the process will work.

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