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As a cosmetic dentist, we are best known for the services that we provide in the realm of appearance. Our primary goal, our bread and butter if you will, consists of helping people to have a better smile. To do this, we work hard on giving you perfect teeth. As a result of the association, many of our patients know us by the work that we do and the procedures that have become common as more people visit us to discuss how their teeth look. Some of the more frequent procedures that we, as a cosmetic dentist, perform are teeth whitening to give you that perfectly white smile, straightening of teeth with braces or Invisalign, replacing of teeth with either bridges, dentures, or dental implants, and fixing teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken with dental veneers or a dental crown. While most of these have applications beyond the cosmetic, they are largely associated with how the teeth look and hence have fallen within our repertoire.

There are a couple of other procedures that we perform, which have even more crossover between the health and function of the teeth and gums, and how they look aesthetically. These are gingivectomies and gum contouring.

There are numerous, cosmetic dentist, procedures that have found use both aesthetically and in the protection of the health of a person’s mouth. Among these, gingivectomies are one of the most frequently used for both. A person who has a gum diseases or periodontitis will often find that their gums become separated from their teeth as a result of the illness. This creates an extremely unattractive smile, but more importantly it creates these deep pockets within the gums that allow plaque to build up. Since it is virtually impossible to clean in these pockets, the plaque builds up and becomes a breeding ground for infections. A person who already has an existing condition does not need the added complication of frequent bacterial infections, and so we can remove these pockets. To do so, we will numb the gums around the site with a local anesthetic, so as to perform the procedure without causing discomfort. Then the loose gum tissue will be surgically removed using a scalpel, radiosurgery, or lasers. While we are removing the excess tissue, we will also be sculpting your gums. This is done to prevent your gums from losing their shape after the procedure is completed. Finally, we cover the gums with putty to allow them some time to heal and become normal again.
The gums are an integral part of the mouth. They are responsible for supporting and protecting the teeth and are also an important part of your smile. We know that when the gums get too long they can cause you to have a gummy, and hence unattractive smile. When they get too short, often as a result of gum recession or some other condition, they can expose the root and cause your teeth to appear too large. A gum contouring, done in the clinic where we would lengthen, shorten, or shape your gums, can solve any of these issues very easily and painlessly. As a cosmetic dentist, these are only some of the ways that we can improve the appearance of your gums and smile.

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