Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening Treatment from Your Family Dentist

Clear Aligners New York, NY

Discussing clear aligner teeth straightening with your family dentist is a great option for restoring your dental health. Clear aligners, also known as invisible braces, can mitigate these issues without the pain and cosmetic impact of traditional metal braces and provide a wide variety of benefits that can positively impact your oral health throughout the straightening process. 

What are clear aligners, and how do they work? 

Clear aligners are an invisible alternative to braces that can be conveniently removed for eating, brushing, flossing, and other activities as needed. These custom plastic aligners are worn over the teeth and make slight adjustments, gradually moving teeth into the proper, desired location. Your dentist will create a plan for moving your teeth and correcting your bite, often with a set of aligners that will allow your teeth to make slight adjustments over time. Typically, clear aligners are worn between 10-24 months, depending on the severity of the issues. Like traditional metal braces, clear aligners can fix a wide variety of issues, including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites. 

What are the benefits of clear aligners? 

Due to the transparent nature of clear aligners, they are a popular option for adults and children who do not want to hide their smiles behind traditional braces. Since they can be removed for flossing and bruising, dental hygiene is easier and more efficient, allowing the wearer to eat a normal diet that can oftentimes be a hurdle with braces. This ability to complete thorough cleanings leads to a cleaner and healthier smile once treatment is completed. In addition to these great benefits, clear aligners also provide a much more comfortable fit, avoiding the hassles and pain that come with traditional metal braces. 

Are clear aligners right for you? 

The decision to move forward with clear aligners should be guided by your family dentist, who can help advise the best treatment option for you. Overall, clear aligners are a great option for combating the negative effects of misaligned teeth that range from discomfort and cosmetic issues to mild and severe dental issues. 

Clear aligners are just as effective at straightening teeth as traditional braces but provide the benefits listed above. If you choose to move forward with clear aligners, your family dentist will complete an oral exam to help determine the treatment plan that best aligns with your personal goals and the needs of your teeth and jaw.

Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, you will have molds made that will help create the aligners that are the right size and shape for your current teeth and the ideal state for your specific oral health needs. If you are looking for low maintenance and highly effective treatment for misaligned teeth, clear aligners may be the best option for you and your lifestyle. 

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