Completing Restorative Dental Work Before Invisalign

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While many people make good candidates for Invisalign, some do not. A lot of individuals worry that a dentist will not perform this procedure because of extremely bad teeth. One of the many benefits of this registered trademark product is that it works even in challenging cases. Therefore, if you need dental restorative work done, you might still qualify.

What is Invisalign?

In simple terms, Invisalign® is a registered trademark product used to correct tooth-related problems. These clear retainers correct gaps, crooked teeth, underbites, overbites and crossbites. One thing that makes Invisalign remarkable is that most people see significant results after just 12 months of wearing the retainers. With braces, the same outcome could take years.

Who do people go to for Invisalign retainers?

For Invisalign retainers, an individual would see a general dentist. The only exception is if that person requires implants as well. Now, some dentists can do implants, but often, people need to see an oral surgeon. The same goes for some dental restorative work. Depending on the type and severity of the problem, a person would see a general dentist or an oral surgeon.

What does restorative work entail?

There are two types of dental restoration: direct and indirect. Under the direct category are things like filling a cavity. As for the indirect type of work, examples include crowns, overlays and inlays. For both categories, a general dentist can usually do the procedure. With that complete, the patient can then move on to getting Invisalign retainers.

Why do patients need restorative work done first?

With the Invisalign retainers in place, they have no way of targeting specific teeth. For this, a patient wears a customized tray for two weeks. After that time, the individual puts in a new tray. That process continues until after using four trays. From there, a general dentist takes new teeth impressions so that a dental laboratory can make additional retainers.

Having dental restorative work done before getting Invisalign allows the retainers to reposition all teeth as needed. Also, the laboratory makes trays based on the patient’s impressions. Therefore, the person needs all teeth fixed first to ensure the tray fits properly. After wearing the trays for roughly 12 months, the teeth look much better.

People interested in Invisalign should know this is a quick, easy and painless procedure. As mentioned, if someone requires implants first, they would need to heal from the incisions for a few weeks. Overall, these retainers do a much better job at straightening teeth than traditional braces. That alone makes them a popular choice.

Need restorative work done — no problem

Even if you need some work done on your teeth, no problem. There is a great chance that a general dentist can still fit you with Invisalign. Wearing the retainers 20 hours a day will make a huge difference. Before you know it, your tooth-related problem is gone.

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