Deciding Whether to Wait on Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt. These teeth are also called the third permanent molars. They erupt after all the permanent teeth have emerged and established in the mouth. People who start to have these teeth experience inflammation and pain. If you want to know if your dentist must remove your wisdom teeth or wait a while, here are the details.

The idea of removing third molars

Dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. This prevents the patient from having dental problems in the future. Regular dental checks can determine if the patient’s third molars are starting to cause problems. One of the common issues is inadequate oral hygiene.

Third molars are in the farthest area of the mouth. This often makes cleaning and flossing almost impossible. If this is the issue, the dentist must remove the third molars. The dentist will not recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth if it does not cause the patient any discomfort at all.

When third molars do not need extraction

These molars do not need extraction if they erupted in a functional and normal position. These third molars do not contribute to gum disease or tooth decay and do not cause pain. This often happens during the early years of their eruption. The patient must practice proper dental care. This will help maintain the health of the third molars.

When the third molars need extraction

There are also cases when wisdom teeth develop at different angles or in a horizontal position. Other third molars do not have enough room to emerge. Inadequate cleaning often results in plaque and tartar buildup. Later on, decay will set in. Cavities will develop. Extracting these molars will help prevent the infection from reaching the jawbone.

Some third molars stay underneath the gumline. This is called complete impaction. A cyst or an infection may develop. This could damage the jawbone and the neighboring teeth. Wisdom teeth can also contribute to the overcrowding of teeth. This will put pressure on the nearby teeth, resulting in dental damage.

Most dentists suggest removing the still developing wisdom teeth underneath the gumline. Dental professionals prefer performing the extraction while the patient is still young. The recovery will be easier and quicker. The dentist will pull out the still immature third molars before dental problems begin.

Young patients can ask for a dental evaluation. This thorough inspection will determine if the third molars are viable for extraction. Most dentists find it ideal to extract the third molars before the age of 20. At this age, the roots of the third molars are still soft.

Extracting wisdom teeth must be a well-thought-of decision

The patient can either keep the wisdom teeth or ask the dentist to remove them. Understanding the benefits and risks of the decision can help the patient come up with a sound decision. A patient must ask the dentist to evaluate the third molars first. This evaluation will establish the decision on whether the third molars must go through extraction or not.

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