Dental Bonding for a Chipped Tooth

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A chipped tooth is a common dental problem. People experience dental chipping as a result of a strong impact on the facial area or the head. This type of dental damage can affect your self-image. The only way to restore the tooth right away is through the mentioned dental treatment. If you want to find out more about dental bonding as a treatment for your chipped tooth, here are the details.

What dental bonding is

This treatment is an effective, quick, affordable, and simple way to repair a chipped tooth. It takes only one visit to bring back the function and healthy appearance of teeth. Dental bonding may be a cosmetic dental procedure, but it can also improve a damaged tooth’s structure. It can repair cavities and fractures as well. The outcome is a repaired tooth capable of blending with the neighboring natural teeth. A patient can get this treatment in just one dental visit.

The advantages

Dental bonding can improve the appearance of teeth. This treatment can cover many flaws in the patient’s dentition. The dentist will apply a coating of composite resin on the tooth’s surface. This works on the front teeth as well as in the back.

Tooth bonding is a versatile technique. The dentist can complete the procedure from 30 minutes to an hour. Most dental insurance companies can cover this procedure in part. This is good for those who want to save on the treatment.

The procedure

The dentist will use a color guide first to see what shade is right for the patient’s teeth. Then, the dentist will choose the composite resin according to the shade. Roughening the tooth’s surface will make the bonding material adhere to the tooth better. The dentist will apply a conditioning fluid on the tooth to strengthen the bond.

After the preparation, the dentist will apply the tooth-colored composite resin. The dentist will shape the material to its correct form. Curing the material with laser or ultraviolet light will follow. This will harden the material. Polishing the tooth to match the texture and look of the neighboring teeth comes after.

The chipped tooth will not be noticeable by the end of the treatment. Anyone will have a difficult time telling the treated tooth apart from the rest. The chipped tooth will have the protection it needs against future damages. The dentist has a meticulous eye for such details.

Longevity and aftercare

The bonded chipped tooth will need care and maintenance like natural teeth. Keeping it clean will make it last longer. This type of restoration can stain. Avoiding staining foods can prevent discoloration. Such foods and drinks are tea, coffee, soda, berries, and beets.

Seeing the dentist for routine dental appointments can help maintain the bonded chipped tooth. The location and the care it receives will determine how long it lasts. A bonding treatment at the edge of a biting tooth will not last very long. Standard care and maintenance will make the bonding last for about four to eight years.

Your chipped tooth will look like new with dental bonding

Dental damage like chipping is a normal occurrence. The aim of every dentist is to help patients regain their normal tooth function and appearance. Dental bonding is the quickest procedure to achieve this. Only one dental appointment is all it takes to repair your chipped tooth.

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