Find a Dentist for Your Family When You Move

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A lot of things change when you move, including the family dentist. It can be challenging to find a dentist in an unfamiliar area, but by following these steps the process can be made simpler. Here are some important tips to keep in mind throughout the search.

Steps for finding a new family dentist

After moving to a new place, do not hesitate to find a dentist for the family as part of the adjustment process. This helps form good new habits and makes sure that dental health is taken care of right away.

Check out the essentials

The first questions to answer when choosing a new dentist are the practical ones. Are the hours feasible? Is the office close enough to home, work or school to be convenient? Is the dentist in question covered by insurance? Something else to consider is whether the dentist is part of the American Dental Association. Dentists who are members of the ADA must adhere to an ethical and professional code of conduct designed with the health and well-being of the patient in mind. Working through these questions can help whittle down the list of dentists to choose from.

Use the right search tool

While general search engines are powerful tools for navigating the web, they may be too general for finding a local dentist. A more specific search tool can more effectively get the job done. Most insurance companies have tools for finding in-network dentists. The ADA also has a tool for finding member dentists. These tools usually have filters for location, office hours and other factors. Starting with one of these tools helps make the search more efficient and fruitful.

Get to know the dentist and the office

After you find a dentist, it is important to determine their compatibility and communication style with patients. The most direct way to do this is by visiting. There is no need to feel awkward about scheduling a meet-and-greet. Dentists understand that different patients have different needs and that patients regularly visit multiple practices before deciding on the right one. Some important questions to get answered are listed below:

  • Is the dentist friendly and open to questions?
  • Can the dentist provide advice as well as treatment?
  • Does the office offer different types of payment plans?
  • Can the staff deal with different types of insurance?
  • Is the office a good environment for kids?

If an in-person visit is not possible, these questions can be answered over the phone. Many dentists also have websites and social media accounts with sections for frequently asked questions. Either way, gathering this information before committing to a practice can ensure a smoother experience. 


Moving to a new area brings many challenges and exciting opportunities. Fortunately, it does not have to be a difficult task to find a dentist. Using the right search tool while keeping basic practical concerns in mind and then meeting the dentist can make the process pain-free.

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