How an Emergency Dentist Can Help You

Emergency Dentist New York, NY

An emergency dentist can provide the care you need when you find yourself dealing with a serious dental issue that requires urgent dental care. Most oral issues can wait a few days for a routine dental appointment, but some need to be addressed immediately to preserve your teeth and spare you pain and discomfort.

How an emergency dentist makes your life easier

Being able to get to an emergency dentist shortly after a serious dental injury can be the difference between being able to save the tooth or having to replace it with an oral prosthetic. Some of the ways an emergency dentist can help include:

1. Preserves the patient’s natural teeth

Issues like a knocked-out tooth count as a dental emergency, and how soon the patient makes it to a dentist makes a huge difference. A knocked-out tooth can typically be reattached if the person makes it to a dentist within an hour. Dentists recommend storing the tooth in saliva or milk while transporting it to the dentist so it does not dry out.

Not getting emergency dental care after suffering an injury like a knocked-out tooth can lead to the patient losing their natural tooth forever. They will have to replace it with an oral prosthetic like an implant.

2. Protects your overall health

Seeing a dentist as soon as possible when dealing with a dental emergency protects the patient’s overall and general health. For example, an infected tooth counts as a dental emergency and it can become a life-threatening condition if the infection spreads to other parts of the body like the brain and heart. A dentist can prevent all that by treating the infection as soon as it is detected.

3. Brings toothaches to an end

As a general rule, severe toothaches that make it impossible to focus on anything else are typically a sign of a dental issue that requires emergency dental care. It might be possible to mask some severe toothaches with over-the-counter toothache products, but that only works for so long. A dentist needs to address the underlying cause of the patient’s toothache to bring a permanent end to the pain.

4. Stops excessive bleeding

Severe damage to teeth or soft tissues in the mouth can lead to heavy bleeding. Such injuries count as dental emergencies, and they require urgent care to bring the bleeding to an end. People who sustain injuries that cause heavy bleeding should seek dental care immediately. The dentist can stop the bleeding and prescribe medication that addresses any pain caused by the injury.

Get the care you need

An emergency dentist provides the care you need when you need it, and they prevent serious dental issues from turning into complications like an infection spreading to other parts of the body. Figuring out if you need an emergency dentist is easy. If your issue feels like it cannot wait for a regular appointment, there is a good chance it counts as a dental emergency. Call or visit our New York clinic to get urgent dental care today.

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