How Dental Bonding Is Used in General Dentistry

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When it comes to general dentistry, you do not want to miss out on checkups and treatments. Your oral health is important, and the dentist plays a key role in your wellness. Avoiding the dentist can lead to severe problems, not only with your teeth and gums but with your overall well-being. The dentist will use many methods to treat you. One of these is bonding, which is critical in many aspects of your care.

Conditions that general dentistry addresses

People of all ages should see the dentist at least every six months. These visits allow the dentist to detect certain issues and treat them. There will also be a teeth cleaning, which removes plaque and tartar. The dentist will also treat problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Patients can see the dentist for other concerns such as damaged teeth, jaw pain, and infections of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

An overview

General dentistry offices frequently use bonding to treat patients and restore smiles. Bonding is made from a resin material that blends in well with the affected tooth. It can improve the shape of the tooth and its appearance. The dentist places the material on and in the tooth to build it up. The dentist will then use heat or light to harden it quickly.

For cavities

Tooth decay is perhaps the most common problem that dentists address with patients. To treat cavities, the dentist will remove the decay and then seal the tooth with a filling. Bonding is used to prevent more bacteria from entering the tooth. It also is the same color as the tooth, so it will not stand out and affect the person’s smile.

For crowns

When it hardens, the bonding material is hard and firm. It can last for several years and hold other devices of the mouth in place. General dentistry offices will use bonding to place crowns over damaged teeth. The bonding helps to ensure that the crown does not come off, even when under strong forces.

For veneers

Similarly, dentists at a general dentistry practice will use bonding when placing veneers. These thin shells attach to the front of a damaged tooth. Bonding acts as the agent to hold the veneer against the tooth. As long as the patient is cautious about avoiding hard and sticky foods, the bonding should do its job well for up to 10 years.

For minor damage to teeth

A nice feature of bonding material is that it will look natural when applied to the tooth. The general dentistry staff will choose a color that matches the teeth, so it will not be noticeable. Bonding is useful in fixing small chips and cracks in the teeth. After putting it on, the dentist will smooth out the area and polish it.

Achieving the look you want

In general dentistry, bonding plays a crucial role. It can help improve your oral health by treating cavities. Plus, there are cosmetic benefits. Bonding is useful in restoring the aesthetics of your smile. If you need treatment, call your dentist and make an appointment today.

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