How to Brush Your Teeth

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Brushing of the teeth should be done multiple times daily in order to properly maintain good oral hygiene. Each person has a different way that they may brush their teeth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their way is the right way. It’s important to brush efficiently and frequently so that teeth remain clean and healthy.

Being aware of the proper way to brush the teeth is vital. There are certain ways to brush that can be more efficient than other ways and today, those ways will be outlined to ensure that people know exactly how to care for their teeth.

Brushing your teeth

The following tips outline how to properly brush the teeth to ensure that the best care is given to the teeth.

The toothpaste

When preparing to brush the teeth, be sure to use a fair amount of toothpaste. Some people tend to go light on the toothpaste which may not be enough for each of the teeth. Others may go overboard on toothpaste which can be overwhelming to the teeth themselves. If too much is used and too frequently, it may strip the enamel of the minerals that it needs. A fair amount of toothpaste will be beneficial to each of the teeth and the gums as a whole.

The brush

For daily brushing, be sure to use a toothbrush that is soft or medium textured. A toothbrush that has bristles that are too hard may cause damage to the enamel. A soft or medium feeling toothbrush will ensure that proper care is given to the teeth.

The angle

When beginning to brush each of the teeth, it is important to hold the brush at a certain angle so that the bristles hit all sides of each tooth. With the bristles of the brush facing inward, be sure to brush against the gumline as well. It is necessary to angle the bristles so that they gently hit the gum line while brushing away any built-up plaque between the teeth and gums.

The pressure

As a person begins to brush their teeth, it is very important to pay close attention to the amount of pressure that is applied to each tooth. Too much pressure can cause stripping of the enamel, but too little may not cleanse the teeth properly. When pushing the head of the brush against each tooth, be sure to apply enough pressure so that the bristles can work their way around the surface. However, don’t push so hard that the bristles begin to flatten out onto the tooth.

The tongue

A lot of people may skip brushing their tongue after they finish their teeth, but it is actually an important step! The tongue holds bacteria and leftover food remains, so be sure to also scrub the tongue gently after completing the teeth. This will ensure that the entire mouth remains clean.


Tooth brushing should be apart of everyone’s life, whether it be twice a day or after every meal. Understanding the best ways to brush the teeth will ensure that good oral hygiene is maintained.

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