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Here at our cosmetic dentistry office, we believe everyone should feel comfortable and confident when showing off their pearly whites, and no one should have to be insecure about their smile due to a missing tooth or several missing teeth. We offer implant crowns to those who are looking for a natural-looking and long-term solution to tooth loss. Regardless of the cause for missing teeth, we can help patients regain a smile they are proud of showing off and that brings them confidence while at work or in social situations. 

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What Are Implant Crowns?

Implant crowns are dental implants with a dental crown serving as the replacement tooth. Dental crowns are not always attached by an implant; they can also be connected by adjacent teeth in the form of a fixed bridge. However, implant crowns are far more durable and long-lasting than a traditional crown. They are an effective solution for anyone who has a missing tooth that causes cosmetic, functional, or oral health concerns.

There are essentially three different components to the implant crown, which are the implant, the abutment, and the dental crown. The implant is placed into the jaw to serve as the root of the replacement tooth (dental crown). Compared to other tooth replacement solutions such as a partial denture or fixed bridge, there are many advantages to implant crowns:

  • Natural appearance
  • Long-term solution
  • Preservation of bone health
  • Easy to care for

Implant crowns look, feel and function like a natural tooth, and they can last for more than 20 years with proper care. Care for implant crowns is essentially the same as for natural teeth, including brushing, flossing, and the use of mouthwash. Also, while dentures and fixed bridges do not do much to prevent bone loss, implant crowns ensure the supporting bone remains strong.

When To Consider Implant Crowns

We encourage anyone who is not entirely happy with the appearance of their smile due to one or multiple missing teeth to consult with us to learn more about how implant crowns can be beneficial. Many of our patients find they are more confident in their appearance than they were before implant crown placement. You may also be a good candidate if you struggle with oral health concerns or functional issues as a result of the lost teeth. 

The placement of the implant inside of the jaw does require a surgical procedure, so it is essential for the patient to be in good general health and willing to go through minor surgery. With that said, our cosmetic dentist team is highly skilled, trained, and experienced in the placement of dental implants, and we do all we can to ensure each patient is as comfortable and pain-free as possible throughout the entire placement process.

Implant crowns are primarily intended for replacing a single or a few missing teeth, whereas more severe cases of missing or damaged teeth may require implant-supported bridges or full arch replacement. To learn more and determine if treatment is right for you, get in touch with us today. 

How the Implant Crowns Process Works

We treat each patient in a unique manner, learning their personal needs and preferences and tailoring the treatment process accordingly. However, we do usually follow certain steps to ensure quality treatment. The first step towards an improved smile through replacing missing teeth with implant crowns is to get in touch with us and schedule a time to come in for an initial consultation, during which we can conduct an oral examination, order dental X-rays, discuss your treatment goals, and help you make an informed decision. We may recommend a bone grafting procedure or periodontal disease treatment before we start the placement process.

If you agree to move forward with treatment, then a day and time are scheduled for you to come in and have the implant placed, which can require sedation and a surgical incision to reach the bone in which the implant is set. Afterward, the implant will need to go through a process called osseointegration, which is where the implant and the bone naturally fuse together to provide a strong hold for the abutment and dental crown. Once this process is accomplished, then we will place the dental crown, completing the placement process. 

How To Care for Implant Crowns

Implant crowns often last for several decades before they need to be replaced, but the durability of a crown depends largely on the care provided by the patient. If the patient develops severe periodontal disease and gum recession, then the implant may become at risk of loosening or falling out. To prevent this, it is essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by our cosmetic dentistry team, along with practicing good oral hygiene. These are a few useful tips to keep in mind when living with your new and beautiful implant crowns:

  • Brush several times a day
  • Floss and use mouthwash daily
  • Check for signs of oral complications
  • Limit intake of harmful foods and drinks
  • Visit the cosmetic dentist regularly

Caring for implant crowns is almost identical to caring for natural teeth, and we encourage our patients to brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily, along with limiting foods high in sugar and other carbohydrates. We also recommend coming into our office for routine checkups and dental cleaning. Additionally, there is likely to be a fair amount of discomfort following the placement of the implant, and it is important to avoid irritating the affected area for the first few weeks after surgery by brushing gently, using mouthwash often, sticking to a soft food diet, and limiting physical activity. 

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Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the benefits of implant crowns and the placement process. We genuinely enjoy helping our patients achieve a more attractive smile and feel more comfortable eating and speaking each day. So why wait? Reach out today and schedule a time to come in for an initial consultation to discuss the possibility of implant crowns treatment. 

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