Preparing for Clear Aligners Treatments

Clear Aligners New York, NY

Wearing clear aligners can change your smile and give you the appearance you have been looking for. This alternative treatment to teeth straightening has many benefits and advantages. If you are interested in this solution, your dentist can help you. Before you get started though, there are some steps you can take to get ready. Then you will feel more at ease and comfortable going into your first appointments. Keep reading to find out more about clear aligners.

What clear aligners do

It is helpful to understand how aligners work at restoring smiles. Aligners are clear plastic mouthguards that fit over teeth. They put constant pressure on the teeth and force them to move into the right places. The mouthguards are removable and do not need to be over the teeth for 24 hours a day. The patient will also get new aligners every couple of weeks as the position of the teeth adjust.

Getting the right information

Clear aligners are still a new form of treatment. So, many people are unaware of how these function and why they might be the right approach. Patients can learn as much as possible about aligners and what typical conditions the appliances can treat. Interested people can do research and learn what the treatment entails.


Once a person decides clear aligners are the right approach to straightening teeth or correcting bite dysfunctions, a consultation with the dentist should occur. During this meeting, the dentist will explain the process in detail. There will also be instructions on how to properly wear the trays and maintain them. The patient will also get an idea of how long the treatment will last.

Making a treatment plan

The dentist can begin to devise the right treatment plan at a subsequent appointment. When the patient comes in for this visit, there will be a series of 3D images. The dentist will look at these to determine how the teeth need to move. Also, these images will guide the dentist in fabricating the first set of clear aligners.

Commit to good oral hygiene

While wearing clear aligners, it is vital that the patient maintains good habits. Daily flossing is critical, as this will help to prevent gum disease and food getting caught under the aligners. Patients should continue to brush at least twice a day. The patient should make sure to have a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. The person wearing aligners should remove them at mealtime. This will help to ensure that the appliance stays clean and works effectively.

Feel good about your upcoming treatment

You should not have to feel nervous or unsure about wearing clear aligners. If you follow these basic steps, you can be ready to change your smile and improve the way your mouth looks. Your dentist can give you additional tips to prepare for your treatment. Make an appointment today and get started on your journey to a new appearance.

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