Preventive Dentistry: The Top 3 Worst Beverages For Your Teeth

People may be conscious of the foods that they eat and what effect it can have on their teeth, and preventative dentistry can be there to help you avoid the ones that are the worst. However, one culprit for tooth decay and cavities can be the drinks that a person consumes. While many drinks contain high amounts of sugar, these liquids can be bad news for teeth, gums and a person’s overall health.

In this article we are going to look at the top three drinks that are bad for your teeth, and what to do if you do consume them to ensure they do not have adverse effects on your teeth.

Drinks to avoid to protect your teeth


We all know that this sugary and bubbly drink can be very tempting to consume. However, it is one of the leading culprits of causing tooth decay to not only form but also continue and rapidly progress if it is not taken care of quickly.

Not only does it have adverse effects on your teeth's health because of the high amounts of sugar, but staining can also be an issue as well. Because of the high amounts of caramel coloring, drinking sodas can stain teeth over time. For someone who strives to keep their teeth bright and white, skipping that next soda and opting for water or another clear beverage could be the best thing.

If a person does decide to drink a soda, be sure and either brush the teeth after or swish water around to wipe away the sugary substance.

Coffee and black tea

Just like with soda, these drinks can be tough on teeth. Of course, depending on the sugar content, it may not be as bad for the possibility of tooth decay to be exacerbated. These two can be the culprit of causing tooth staining and making a bright white smile be not so bright or white.

The best thing a person can do after consuming these highly tooth-staining beverages is to swish water after drinking the beverage and, if possible, brush their teeth.


This beverage is the culprit of staining teeth badly. It is suggested that a person swish water after every couple of sips of wine. Because of the strength and alcohol content, this beverage can wreak havoc on white teeth. Better to be safe than sorry and keep a glass of water nearby when drinking wine next time.

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