When is it Time for a Dental Implant?

Losing a tooth and doing nothing about it can cause additional problems. A dental implant is necessary when a tooth is lost for whatever reason and dentures are not desired. Whether an entire row of teeth is missing or just one, a dental implant provides a replacement for the missing tooth whose end result is a strong, secure and healthy bite.

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons: An accident, gum disease, poor oral hygiene and tooth decay. Whatever the cause, it is important to fill the space to prevent further problems. Dental implants protect against bone loss and give a strong supportive bite.

An uncorrected missing tooth can cause major problems. Over time, the bit can become misaligned, the teeth can spread apart, and the decay can spread. Dental implants take months to complete and should be started as soon as possible.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is when a metal post, or artificial root, is fused into the jawbone. This strong foundation is the strength behind the artificial teeth that are then secured to it. The procedure can take several months as the jawbone and gums need time to heal between steps of installation.

Teeth are custom made and fitted to ensure a healthy full smile that matches up with the remaining teeth.

Why choose a dental implant instead of dentures?

Dentures slip and slide while dental implants stay firmly rooted. Bridges have to be secured onto surrounding teeth causing damage to them over time. Dental implants do not damage surrounding teeth. Their foundation is solely in the implanted metal root connected directly to the jawbone.

Removable bridges and dentures rely on adhesives to stay in place. This limits what the wearer can eat or drink. There is always the underlying concern that the teeth may fall out of place in the most embarrassing moments. Laughing too hard, speaking in too animated of a way and even eating can knock the denture from its place.

Dental implants are rooted into the jawbone and will not move. They look and feel like natural teeth and have a much longer shelf-life than other options.

Caring for dental implants

Caring for dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth. A good oral hygiene routine is essential. Brush twice a day and floss. Special picks and brushes for dental work can be used to ensure better cleaning.

Avoid foods that stain your teeth just as before. Limit teas, coffee, sodas and tobacco products. Don’t chew on hard candy or ice. Don’t use your new implants to rip open packages or open beer bottles. They are strong but can still break like regular, healthy teeth. Use them for what they are intended: Eating and smiling.

If you are tired of sliding dentures, a bridge falling out of place or revealing missing teeth with every smile, then it is time to consider dental implants. Dental implants will get you back to living life as normal but with more confidence and a brighter smile!

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