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The main focus of cosmetic dentistry treatments is the enhancement of dental appearance. During the consultation, it should be clear to the patient that the cosmetic goal is possible. The patient should also know how the procedure will happen. Therefore, a proper treatment plan is useful. If you want to know what cosmetic dentistry treatment plans can do for you, here are your options.

Teeth whitening (in-office)

Many patients still prefer this treatment over home whitening trays. In this procedure, dentists can use stronger bleaching concentrations. This provides whiter results. Even if patients must go to the clinic for this treatment, they do not mind at all. Home teeth-whitening trays usually have a lower level of bleaching, which does not work for everyone. In-office teeth whitening enables the dentist to check the process well and adjust it for the patient.

Porcelain or resin veneers

Aesthetic improvement is the primary goal of this cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Resin or porcelain veneers can conceal cracks, chips, and small breaks. A tailor-fit, thin shell can change the dimensions, color, and length of the tooth. This cosmetic dentistry treatment plan provides tooth-colored shells. Patients can have new teeth that can blend with the neighboring teeth.

Veneers are also effective in restoring ill-shaped and stained teeth. If the patient does not want to use a tooth-straightening system or go through dental bleaching, veneers can help. Porcelain or resin veneers can last for about a decade with proper care. This is a treatment in cosmetic dentistry that can serve as a good investment.

Smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry has treatment plans for a smile makeover. Patients must be ready to go through standard dental treatments first. This will prepare them well before the cosmetic dentistry treatments start. Deep cleaning is one of these basic treatments. After going through the preparations, any cosmetic dentistry procedure can begin.

Dental crowns are for patients with damaged or weak dentition. A crown can improve the way a tooth functions and looks. It can also protect the tooth and save it from infections. After getting the crowns, the patient achieves a cosmetic and functional improvement.

A patient with a chipped tooth can request this procedure. Cosmetic dentistry can also repair small chips with dental bonding. In this treatment plan, the dentist will use composite resin. This is a quick treatment that molds the resin onto the damaged part of the tooth. The color of the resin matches the rest of the patient’s surrounding teeth.

A good cosmetic dentistry treatment plan can give you the aesthetic and functional enhancements that you need

Cosmetic dentistry has many treatment plans to offer patients. If you want to rejuvenate your smile, start with the basic procedures. Doing so prepares your teeth for the treatment plan that your dentist finds suitable for you. Talking to your dentist today about the right cosmetic dentistry treatment plan will help you have great results.

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