Are There Alternative Teeth Straightening Treatments?

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Traditional braces were formerly the only choice for teeth straightening, but modern dental technology now offers several alternatives. Continue reading to discover some of the options available today. However, having your teeth in excellent shape is not only about looking beautiful. There are several health advantages to having straighter teeth, as well.

Alternative teeth straightening treatments

Many individuals who have slightly crooked teeth want them straightened in order to have a more appealing smile. The bottom line is that everyone wants straighter teeth since they are simpler to clean when they are straight, resulting in a healthier mouth. Some of the alternatives to traditional metal braces include:

Clear aligners

This teeth-straightening method is becoming more popular, especially among adult patients. Aligners are custom-made for the patient and are available in a set of a specific number of pairs, which are replaced approximately every two weeks. The aligners are fabricated from a non-toxic plastic and can be taken out of the mouth for a few hours each day. For effective straightening, the trays must be worn for at least 22 hours daily. Since aligners are hardly visible when used, many patients opt for this as a discreet straightening option to correct their dental alignment.

Dental bonding

This method is one of the quickest methods of teeth straightening. It is a popular choice for those who require minor teeth straightening, and it is painless. To use dental bonding to straighten teeth, a dental professional must carefully apply the bonding material to one's teeth in a manner that makes them seem straighter, providing for a more beautiful smile. Bonding may also be used to close gaps between teeth and enhance the appearance of stained teeth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are used to make crooked teeth seem straighter. Veneers are a tooth straightening solution for minor misalignments and typically need two dental visits for application on the teeth. The dentist will custom design the veneers during the first visit, and the veneers will be put on the teeth during the second appointment.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces have become a popular alternative to metal braces. They are not just suitable for almost every scenario in which metal braces would be appropriate, but they are also much less noticeable. The reason is that they are customizable to any color. Patients usually choose a tint that is close to or identical to their natural tooth color. As a result, it makes the braces harder to discern from the natural teeth.

The majority of ceramic brace users are adults who have already developed their permanent teeth.

The bottom line

It is critical for individuals in need of teeth straightening to choose a treatment option compatible with their lifestyle. This requires an understanding of how each straightening method works. Contact our dental office today to book a consultation appointment and discuss your teeth straightening treatment options.

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